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The Ultimate How to Laundry Guide

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

We spent the last 35 years doing laundry

This is the most comprehensive guide to laundry online that you’ll ever lay eyes on.

In this guide, you’ll learn everything you’re required to know about sorting, washing, and drying and how laundry services can aid you with this process.

Trust me, your clothes and textiles will thank you in the end!

A lady with laundry problems

With lives getting busier and busier,

laundry services are one of the best ways to take a burden out of your week and free up some precious time.

By injecting ease into this lengthy household chore, this guide can start making your life much less stressful!

The question is:

how can you get the most out of this process?

Well, this is where our ultimate guide comes into play.

About the Author

Photo of the author

As someone who found it challenging to make time for laundry in the past,

I was compelled to write this guide to help other professional workers and students overcome this issue.

While mastering this skill may be easy to pick up once you get the hang of it,

having everything laid out in a straightforward guide is sure to shave off minutes when you could be doing more important things!

Attempting to get a range of washing machines to work correctly is just one thing I’ve dealt with whilst living solo.


the sorting, washing, and drying processes have now become second nature to me, along with the experience of using different laundry services!

Suppose you’re interested in finding a quality laundry service and want to learn about our top laundry product recommendations.

In that case,

this ultimate guide is here to help you inject ease into your daily life.


Chapter 1: Sort

In this chapter,

I’ll take you through a step-by-step guide to sorting your clothes to create the best results possible.

I’ll cover the different factors which affect the sorting process and how to get rid of stains.

Let’s get started.

Checking the care label

All in all,

laundry should be straightforward – just throw everything in the machine and add detergent, right?

You can go down this route, but you risk losing the shape and colour of your favourite garments.

You must check the care label of each clothing item.

care label sample

These should be on every single garment you own – after all,

textile manufacturers are obliged to provide these labels so that customers can care for their products adequately.

These labels may vary in different countries.

Color, fabric type, and design

Now that you know which types of clothes can be washed, dry cleaned, and wet cleaned,

you can move on to the next step.

This involves the colour of the garment.

a lady choosing between two clothes

It’s common knowledge that whites and darks are always washed in separate loads.

Cleaning them together will risk ruining your garments,

whether the colour fades, runs, or changes altogether.

If you’re unsure what to wash together, it might be worth washing them individually.

Check out the buttons, beads, and prints which may cause dye bleeding.

After all, you don’t want to end up with a washing load of pink shirts!


keep filthy clothes and lightly soiled clothes separate.

If you’re looking for a final tip in this sorting process,

grab all your socks and place them in one net bag to avoid losing them.

socks inside laundry bag

For more handy tips like this, read on!

Getting rid of stains

You may be wondering:

What’s a simple way to remove pesky stains on clothes?

For minor stains, grab a tissue, dip it in water, and then wipe the stain away as soon as possible.

You can also buy stain remover at the supermarket.

stain removal process

Just remember:

if you put a garment in the dryer with a stain, it will no longer be able to be removed.

Thus, it might be worth leaving laundry to the experts!

At our laundry service, we remove stains before commencing with the washing and dry-cleaning processes.

We utilize a spotting machine with an innovative stain-removing gun to remove the toughest of stains as well as minor marks.

Here is a more detailed guide on stain removal made by The University of Illinois

As you can see, there’s a lot to learn when sorting out your clothes to be washed.

So, you may be wondering:

Is the same amount of knowledge required for the washing process?

This is what I’m going to cover in the following chapter.

Chapter 2: Washing

In this chapter,

I’ll take you through a guide to washing your clothes, including a few handy tips to stop all your shirts from turning pink!

I’ll cover the different products frequently utilized in this process


things to look out for before putting your clothes in the washer.

washing machine

Let’s get started.

When washing, you need to be able to choose the suitable detergent for your clothes.

laundry pods