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How Often Do I Need to Do Laundry?

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Do you ever use the sniff test to decide whether or not it’s time to do your laundry?

While the sniff test might be your method of determining whether your clothes and linen need to be washed or not, it is not the most reliable method.

So when should you do your laundry?

The answer really depends on how soiled your clothes are and what type of material they are made out of.

Depending on what type of material your clothing is made out of, frequent washing can shorten the lifespan of your clothes, but rarely washing your clothes can be unhygienic and can cause bacteria growth.


if you are having a hard time deciding on whether it is time to do laundry or not, here’s a little guideline to help you decide when it is time to wash those clothes of yours.

  • Underwear - Do we really need to explain this? Underwear should be washed after every use!

  • T-shirts and tank tops - T-shirts, tank tops and camisoles should be washed after every wear.

  • Socks - This is another one that should need no explanation. It should be after every wear of course!

  • Jeans - This really depends on how dirty you get your jeans. If your jeans are not really soiled, you can use your jeans 3 to 4 times before throwing it in the laundry.

  • Pajamas - This is also depending on how soiled your pajamas are and how dirty you are before you go to bed. If you get into your pajamas without taking a shower or if you sweat in bed, you can probably get away with wearing it 3-4 times before you throw it in the laundry. If you are clean and you take a shower before you bed, you can probably get away with washing your pajamas once a week.

  • Leggings - Should be washed after every use.

  • Bras - Bras can be worn 2-3 times before it needs a wash. Just make sure to probably wait a day after washing before using your bra to ensure your bra regains its shape.

  • Bed linen - Depends on how dirty you are before hopping in your bed. Typically, you can wait up to 2 weeks if you take a shower before bed. But if you sweat a lot or if you go straight to bed after a long day, then you should wash your bed sheets after a week of use.

  • Sweaters - If your sweater is made out of silk, cotton or cashmere, then you can wash it after 2 wears. Wool and synthetic blends should be washed after 3 wears.

  • Dress Shirts and Dresses - You can wear these a few times before being washed. But if you are sweating a lot and your dress, or dress shirt, is visibly stained, then wash after every use.

  • Whites and Silks - These are prone to discoloration, so make sure to wash after every use.

This is just a simple guideline to use to help you determine whether or not it’s time to do laundry.


if you want to prolong your clothing, it’s okay if you don’t wash your clothing every time you use it. Just make sure you are not stinking up the place.



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