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Why You Should Consider Professional Dry Cleaning for Your Delicate Garments

Tired of enduring the hassle of using a washing machine? Or maybe you want to add another level of protection for your delicates to ensure they don't get damaged while you clean them manually. Whatever the reason, you must take this decision seriously. If handled improperly, certain garments can be utterly ruined and end up having to be thrown in the trash. If your goal is to prolong the life of your delicates, then you should consider professional dry cleaning for them instead of using a washing machine.

Different clothing can be made from all sorts of fabrics, which are more likely to get damaged when washed incorrectly or too frequently. Here are a few reasons you should always consider professional dry cleaning for your delicates:

1. It Helps Maintain the Original Quality of Your Garments

When professionals handle the laundering process, you are guaranteed to use high-quality equipment. Washing it by hand or in the machine can cause the fabrics to deteriorate over time, reducing their lifespan. In addition, dry cleaners usually have a good knowledge of the fabrics they're working with, which will help them know the best way to clean and preserve your garments so that it doesn't lose their appearance or shape.

2. It Avoids Shrinkage

Another reason why professional dry cleaning is better than using a washing machine is because it's less likely to cause shrinkage. Shrinkage can occur in many garments when washed manually, but it's less likely to happen in dry cleaning due to the specialized equipment used. If you want your clothes to maintain their original size and shape, then it's essential that you only let the professionals handle them.

3. It Minimizes Color Transfer

Professional dry cleaners use a special process to ensure the color doesn't bleed onto other clothes. This is one of the reasons why people are encouraged to avoid hand washing because it can cause their body oils and sweat to come in contact with lighter fabrics, resulting in yellow discoloration.

However, several clothing manufacturers have begun using water-soluble dyes that are safe to be washed in the washing machine. These types of garments will retain their color even after they're tossed into the washer, but you should always check the care label first before doing so to be sure.

4. It Avoids Mildew and Odors

Another reason why you should always consider professional dry cleaning for your delicates is that it minimizes the possibility of developing mildew and odors. Most people know that clothes tend to develop an unpleasant smell when they're not cleaned regularly, but this problem is greatly exacerbated if you hand wash them. Mildew and bad odors can also happen when you wash your clothes in the washing machine, but it's less likely to happen if you use a professional dry-cleaning service.

As you can see, there are several reasons why you should always consider professional dry cleaning for your delicates instead of using a washing machine. Professional dry cleaners have the necessary equipment to remove odors and stains from your garments. In addition, they can properly clean delicate fabrics that are more likely to be damaged by the high-powered machines in a washing machine.


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