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Dry cleaning techniques use various chemicals and solvents to dissolve stains and remove dirt from clothes, using no water. Common dry-cleaning methods include tetrachloroethylene and other chlorinated hydrocarbons, trichloroethylene, petroleum solvents, carbon dioxide, green solvents such as corn or coconut-based cleaners, or aqueous cleansing by applying a detergent solution directly to the fabric.

There are various types of dry cleaning and laundry services that you might need to use. Each type uses a different method for removing stains, dirt, and other residues from the clothes and fabrics they clean. The following overview gives you an idea of what each service can do:

Table Laundry Services

Table laundry services have full-service machines that handle all types of clothing, including towels, sheets, and blankets. The equipment is generally hooked up directly to your water supply, so there is no need for quarters or tokens. Table laundries also provide folding services if you choose not to hang up your items after they have been washed.

Mechanical Laundry Services

The machines used by mechanical laundry services are usually very large, washing thousands of pounds at a time. These facilities often offer automatic front-loading washers and dryers with the use of tokens or coins for payment. This is one of the least expensive ways to wash your clothes if you have a lot of cleaning every week. Some locations also provide other laundering services, such as ironing and steam pressing.

Self-Service Laundry Services

Instead of using service attendants to help load, unload and transfer clothing into the washer, dryer, or folding station, you do everything yourself in self-service laundromats. Before starting your wash, you can purchase laundry detergent, softener, and other laundry supplies from a vending machine. Because of higher overhead costs, these facilities often charge a bit more for each load they clean than table or mechanical laundries.

Mobile Laundry Services

A mobile laundry service can be just as convenient as having someone come to pick up your dirty clothes and deliver them back to you clean and folded the next day. In most cases, all you have to do is place your dirty items into a bag that the company picks up, then return the bag with its contents inside when it is cleaned, pressed, and returned within 24 hours. They may be able to provide a same-day service if you need an emergency clean-up.

Boutique Laundry Services

The nicest way to have your dirty clothes laundered is at a boutique service that will pick them up and deliver them directly to you on the same day. These services sell their line of detergents, bleaches, and softeners that enhance the quality of your wash. They usually offer same-day cleaning and dry-cleaning services for suits, dresses, formal wear, and other garments that need special attention. Some take only cash or checks for payment, but others accept credit cards as well.

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